Safety Statement

SingleinTO offers a classy, upscale environment to meet other quality singles. While we are committed to maintaining a high quality online singles scene at SingleinTO, we ask you, the user, to use your own sound judgement and conduct yourself in a responsible way. The same safety rules you would use in the real world apply online. Keeping that in mind, please consider the following tips to keep your online dating experiences fun & safe:

  1. Take Your Time - Be cautious of pushy members, especially if they seem to good to be true. We recommend that you keep communicating via singleinTO messenger or email. During this time, get to know the person, watch for odd behaviour and inconsistent comments. If you feel uncomfortable at any time, you can walk away without compromising your identity.
  2. Protect Your Identity - We suggest you protect your true identity. Our messenger system protects your email address from a members sight. If you eventually exchange emails with a user, make sure your REAL NAME DOES NOT APPEAR in that email address. Someone can possibly look up where you live if they know your first & last name. We suggest you exchange emails via the singleinTO messager instead (it's free & anonymous) or use an email service like Hotmail, Yahoo, etc. It's also not necessary to give away personal information such as where you work, where you live, etc. Sharing your interests & passions with another member is just about all they need to know if they're interested.
  3. Request a Photo - Asking a member to view a photo is not pretentious & should in fact be encouraged (appearances aren't everything, but they do count for something). Our photo system is convenient and allows users to display their photo publicly or privately to you alone. If you keep hearing excuses, chances are the user has something to hide.
  4. Talk On The Phone - Talking on a phone can be a world of difference from chatting or messaging online. A person’s communication and social skills become apparent. We recommend not reveal your personal phone number by using either a cell phone number or a Caller ID block. Give them your phone number when you feel completely comfortable.
  5. Meet in Public - NEVER agree to meet someone in a private setting. If you do meet someone interesting online & decide to meet them, always choose a safe, public area (coffee shop, bar/lounge, restaurant, etc.). Meeting someone for the first time & inviting back to your place is very risky. Bottom line, you have to know someone well before you can build trust. If you do decide to meet someone, it's smart to make sure someone else knows where you are going & who you are meeting.
  6. Report Abuse - If you ever get any threatening or lewd emails from a member, please NOTIFY US IMMEDIATELY & make sure not to delete the message from your singleinTO inbox. If you feel a member has acted in an in-appropriate manner, we will investigate the user & take any appropriate action if it is warranted.

Regardless of whether you meet someone online, at a bar, a cafe or even at a party, dating is never a risk free activity. Online dating can be faster, more effective and less time consuming than finding a date offline, but using common sense & good sound judgement still applies.

Now, get out there and find your match!

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